Open Book

About Us:

He said “Why?” and She said “Why not?” Our lives are an open book.

We are a couple of Baby Boomers looking at our youth in the rear view mirror. In our journey to this time in our lives, we have noticed that are many people sharing this same time frame in their  own personal journey through life.


As we embrace this transition into the afternoon of our existence, we find that it can bring times of great joy as we reflect on the successes and accomplishments of our life. There can also be times of dissatisfaction and frustration as we realize that many of the activities that we enjoyed in our youth can become challenging as our minds and bodies relax into this time of transition.

We have always believed that joy is the elixir of life and that as we face these new situations it is more important than ever to keep joy paramount in our lives. It is in this spirit that we bring you this website; a place where we can shed  some humor on these new challenges while at the same time providing a location where like minded souls can come to laugh and find resources that may be of benefit in addressing some of these new challenges. 

We have provided links for you to share your comments, as well as our email address for you to submit your own stories. We welcome your experiences and the valued resources you have found helpful in your own journey as we share together for the benefit of all.


Our memories remind us to remember . . .

Aging Ain’t for Sissies.

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